Dogecoin3.0 has agreed with four exchanges for pre-sale

A new addition is coming to the memecoin world, the best-performing digital asset class in the first quarter of 2024. Inspired by DOGE, the worlds most valuable memecoin, this new project promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the market. For the first time, credit cards can be used in a pre-sale, with purchases also available through AVAX, BASE, BSC, ETH, MATIC, OP, ARB, SOL, USDT, USDC, and TRC20 networks.

MENA NewswireLondon — According to CoinMarketCap, Dogecoin remains the largest memecoin with a market capitalization of over US$ 20 billion, has inspired a new project. The countdown has started for the pre-sale of Dogecoin3.0, known as DOGE3.0.

DOGE3.0, with a total supply limited to 699 million units and 20% allocated to staking, is nearing the end of its pre-sale preparations. It aims to join the memecoin frenzy, one of the rising themes of the year, and make a significant impact.

Developed on Binance Smart Chain to pioneer memecoins and Web3 technology, Dogecoin3.0 will release 25% of its circulating supply in the pre-sale, and distribute 10% to its initial holders through airdrops.

Dogecoin3.0 Founder Alexander Lee stated, “Memecoins are once again showing strong performance this year, as major cryptocurrencies remain heavily influenced by macro developments. We will engage in this trend, encouraging innovation with a robust infrastructure.”

Despite the current market stagnation, the company has identified cryptocurrency holders who see potential in memecoins as its priority target audience. It has begun building its community through social media platforms.

Partnerships secured with four major exchanges

While analysis of the first quarter of 2024 revealed the quarterly returns of cryptocurrencies focusing on various themes, from real-world assets to artificial intelligence, CoinGecko data showed that memecoins were the top performers in the first three months of the year. Memecoins, initially created as jokes on various topics, achieved a staggering 1313% performance increase in the first quarter of 2024.

Doge3.0, which prioritizes community and incorporates a problem-solving approach into its culture, has made a strong statement with its pre-sale agreements. Dogecoin3.0 has secured agreements with LBank, XT, Bitmart, and MEXC cryptocurrency exchanges for the pre-sale process. It will be available to investors worldwide who are interested in pre-sale, staking, and airdrop opportunities and believe in the project’s potential.

Emphasizing the strong memecoin culture behind Dogecoin3.0, “As Dogecoin3.0 gains recognition in the market, both the 5% allocated from the current supply and the returns from the ecosystem will be used for new projects. In the coming period, we will also implement swap and bridge functionalities, as well as metaverse and game-oriented projects,” Lee concluded.

First-ever credit card option for pre-sales

CoinGecko data revealed that more than 5,000 new cryptocurrencies were launched daily from the beginning of 2024 until April. However, it was also noted that one out of every two projects failed.

Aiming for compatibility with Web3 technology, Dogecoin3.0 has limited supply, and above all, permanence, drawing inspiration from the original Dogecoin which launched in 2013. Today, Dogecoin remains the largest memecoin with a market capitalization of over US$ 21 billion. The new memecoin Dogecoin3.0, keeping up the same principles of transparency and honesty and with its commitment to regulatory compliance, will be the first tooffer the opportunity to participate in its pre-sale using a credit card.

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