Fearless of Heat, Endless Circulation: Farasis Energy’s Battery Technology Achieves New Breakthroughs Again

GANZHOU, China, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 18-19, 2024, the ASEAN Automotive Supply Chain Conference was held in Thailand. Mr. Jack Peng from Farasis Energy attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech, showcasing the company’s advancements in power battery technology for new energy passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, as well as new applications such as two/three-wheelers, Evtol, and others. The battery products introduced boast high performance, top-notch safety standards, robust temperature adaptability, and exceptionally long  cycle life advantages.

To address the perennial high-temperature environment in the ASEAN markets, and surrounding countries, Farasis Energy specially developed power batteries with strong temperature adaptability. These batteries can operate normally at -30°C to 65°C. In a 25°C environment, a single battery cell can cycle 2500 times with SOH > 70%; in a 45°C environment, a single battery cell can cycle 1500 times with SOH > 70%. They are not afraid of high-temperature environments, exhibit super stable high-rate discharge, and the temperature of a single battery cell only increases by about 5°C.

Furthermore, by introducing the latest semi-solid-state battery technology, material-level stability can be greatly improved, achieving an ultra-long cycling life for batteries. According to tests conducted in Farasis Energy’s laboratory, batteries have achieved over 5000 cycles with SOH 70%, total driving mileage exceeding 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers). This technology can be widely applied in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, eVTOL, buses, coaches, and other fields, significantly enhancing battery durability, improving operational efficiency, and reducing user costs.

Farasis Energy, which has been cultivating in the field of power batteries for 27 years, has seen its automotive business blossom in domestic and international markets. As a global leader in new energy innovative technologies, it launched the world’s first sodium-ion power battery for EV customers and achieved eVTOL end-customer delivery in the world. In the two-wheeler market, Farasis Energy is the first power battery enterprise in China’s electric two-wheeler field, and it holds the largest market share in the global high-performance lithium battery market for electric motorcycles. Moreover, Farasis Energy is the largest battery supplier for the luxury electric motorcycle ZERO.

Farasis Energy has always adhered to the principle of market and customer demand as its top priority, continuously innovating battery technology, actively exploring diversified industrial application scenarios, and providing leading, green energy solutions for different countries and regions worldwide, thereby promoting global energy transformation and sustainable development.

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